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Hobby Activities


To supplement classroom instructions, the Vidyalaya encourages organised creative hobbyactivities among the students. There are as many as eight Hobby Clubs, namely, Physics,Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Geography, History, computer and Clay-modelling. Studentsworking on models, charts, apparatuses and other projects have the opportunity to display theirvarious articles made by them during annual exhibition. The junior boys also have their hobbyclubs in Nature Study, Music, Scout, Bratachari and Band.The Vidyalayaalso maintainsVidyalayaCadet Corps (VCC) for the students of classes VIII & IX.

Students are always encouraged to participate in social service activities which include literacy drive, sale of T.B. seals, acting as amanuenses (writers) to the blind students, 'Nara- Narayan Seva', cleaning of jungles, etc., apart from their involvement in regular community service activities in the hostel (Bhavana) and Vidyalaya.